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Devon tries to give her stepson a heads-up that her hot redhead friend Melanie is coming by for a visit, but she won’t be there, and to just keep her entertained while she pops out for a bit. When Melanie arrives, she joins the young man on the couch and tries to strike up conversation about his life, and dating life. When he reveals he was about to unwind with some porn and masturbation featuring older women her age, Melanie suggests giving him the real thing instead. She starts by getting his cock out and hard with her hands and mouth, giving him a nice sensual blowjob before taking out her big mature MILF tits for him to grope and suck on, then stripping off her panties so he can lick her shaved smooth pussy before giving him some tit fucking. Then end up fucking doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary and more until he pulls out and shoots a load all over her big juicy tits – just in time for Devon to catch the aftermath!

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